Dr. Robert Tomaro

Symphonic Conductor & Composer


Conductor Robert Tomaro's recent engagements include concerts and recordings with The London Symphony Orchestra, The Slovak Radio Orchestra, The Silensian Philharmonic Orchestra of Poland, The Black Sea Philharmonic of Romania, The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra of the Czech Republic and many orchestras throughout the United States. He has toured extensively throughout Scandinavia, England, France, and Eastern Europe.... 

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Excerpts of Dr. Robert Tomaro in Concert

Tchaikovsky | Symphony No. 4 Mvt IV 

Stravinsky | The Firebird

Brahms | Symphony No. 1 Mvt I 

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"Roll Over Beethoven"

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Robert Tomaro is fast gaining a reputation for his electrifying and innovative performances in the international arena of symphonic conducting and composition. His credits include concerts and CD recordings with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Slovak Radio Orchestra, the Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra of Poland, the Black Sea Philharmonic of Rumania, the Hayes Symphony in London, and the Fairbanks Symphony in Alaska. He has toured extensively throughout Scandinavia, England, France, Poland, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.


Dr. William Intriligator

Music Director and Conductor
Dubuque Symphony Orchestra

2728 Asbury Road, Suite 900
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Michael Shapiro

Music Director
Chappaqua Symphony Orchestra

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Dr. Esther Lamneck

Director New York University 

Contemporary Ensemble

Department of Music and Arts Professions

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US News & World Report

By Associated Press

July 3, 2021


Beloit Symphony Director Known for His Musical Sleuthing


Beloit, Wis. (AP)

By HILLARY GAVAN, Beloit Daily News

If you know of any rap artists who are plagiarizing beats or lyrics, Beloit Janesville Symphony Music Director Rob Tomaro might be writing a report on them.  While he’s best known for conducting in Rock County, Tomaro’s professional skills are in high demand across the country for his work in forensic musicology.


Tomaro can find minute differences in inflections, breaths and pitch the naked ear cannot hear and substantiates his findings using a scientific method employing four to five methods of analysis. His skills are in high demand as there aren’t a high number of forensic musicologists, the Beloit Daily News reported.


“It seems to require two completely disparate skill sets that have to work together,” he said. “You have to have a thorough understanding of how to analyze and describe harmonic analysis in classical music.  You also have to understand the latest trends in contemporary music including what happens in a recording studio and the latest techniques in digital signal processing.”